Execution & Operation

We are a developer who designs, structures financing, builds and operate large scale renewable projects. We achieve this through the formation of strategic alliances with local and or global players. In jurisdictions where we have strategically decided not to operate as partners in any developments, we offer Project Management and full EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Services.


Our highly qualified team has vast experience in the Execution of large scale Renewable Energy projects from Design through to Permitting, Construction and Commissioning as well as Asset Management during the Project’s Operational Life.


Project Management

Scope Definition. Budget. Planning. Progress Control. Stakeholder Management and Communication Plan. Establish a robust HSE Plan to ensure that the Project complies with all applicable regulation and, etc.


Risk Management

Identification of Risks and Opportunities, quantifying impact to project, establish mitigating plan and monitor progress.


Contract Management

Determine the most adequate Contracting Strategy for each of the Project’s subcontractors, Contract negotiation and monitoring throughout the Project Execution.


Procurement Management

Define a robust procurement strategy for each Project, analyse and shortlist suppliers, establish and issue robust Purchase Orders, logistics and follow up.

Financial Services

Our highly qualified team has vast experience in the Financing of large scale Energy projects (Wind, Solar PV, Tidal and Oil & Gas). As a group, we also have experience in financing other infrastructure projects and trading programmes which have enabled us to established long term relationships with several financial institutions and multilaterals worldwide, and are well placed to design, optimise and execute the best strategies to achieve the financial closure of each projects we undertake.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We are permanently seeking to expand our portfolio of competitive greenfield developments and as such are always on the look for new developments. Contact us if you would like to discuss an existing Project.