Motivated by the astonishing growth sustained by the Renewable Sector in recent decades, ALCAAL made the strategic decision to commit significant resources in order to contribute to the sustainable development of future Renewable projects and play an active part in the transition to a lower carbon economy.


We see the increasing competitiveness of Wind and Solar PV as a continuing trend, particularly in Wind, where onshore Turbines keep getting bigger and of increasing their power rating, leading to lower LCOE.


Furthermore, we see this as an opportunity for developing countries, particularly in AFRICA and LATAM, to become strong contributors of the Renewable Power expansion worldwide. ALCAAL Renovables is focused in AFRICA & LATAM where we are establishing long term relationships with local and global players and developing high quality and competitive large scale renewable projects.

Renewables Worldwide

A number of leading organisations in the Energy sector have produced forecasts for the future World Energy outlook. In particular, we quote below some of the information presented by the International Energy Agency, the International Renewable Energy Agency, BP’s Energy Outlook 2018, the Global Wind Energy Council, American’s Wind Energy Association, amongst other reputable organisations working in this subject:

“The strong growth in renewable energy is enabled by the increasing competitiveness of wind and solar power.”

“The expansion in renewable energy is broad-based, with China and increasingly other parts of the developing world taking over from the EU as the main engine of growth.”

“Solar was responsible of 20% of the additional power generation in 2017 and wind 30%.”

“Renewables now cover 1/3 of the power mix in Europe, 1/4 in China and 1/6 in the United States, India and Japan.”

Shares of Total Power Generation Worldwide

Renewables are forecasted to account for 25% of the Total Power Generation in the World by 2040.

Unprecedented Pace of Power Market Penetration

Largest Market Gains in 25yrs for Renewables, forecasted to gain almost 20% of the Global market between 2015 and 2040.

Average Annual Growth for Renewable Power (in TWh)

Outside of OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and China, LATAM and AFRICA are strong contributors to Growth for Average Annual Renewable Power.

Primary Energy Demand by Region (in btoe)

Billion tonne of equivalent (Btoe): 1toe=11.63MWh.

Solar PV and Wind Power Installed Capacity

The International Energy Agency’s Photovoltaic Power System Programme’s reported that 75 gigawatts of solar were installed globally in 2016 — bringing the installed global photovoltaic capacity to at least 303 gigawatts. Annual worldwide PV installations surpassed the 100 GW mark in 2017 for the first time, largely due to explosive deployment in China. The combined effects of low-cost equipment, ease of installation and technology developments led IRENA to forecast that PV capacity could reach 1,760GW in 2030.

Similarly, GWEC has forecasts for Wind Power to reach a cumulative of 840GW installed capacity by 2022, from a total of 539GW installed at the end of 2017.

Renewables in AFRICA & LATAM

AFRICA & LATAM are following in the footsteps set by the EU, USA, China, Japan, Australia and others. Some markets are more established and reaching a considerable state of maturity such as Mexico, Brasil and Chile in LATAM and South Africa in AFRICA, whilst others, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa are set to benefit from the diminishing costs of technology and increased efficiency in years to come, coupled with favourable policies and support from governments.

“More than 47 GW of new wind power capacity is expected to be commissioned in Latin America from 2017 to 2026.”

“Africa’s solar PV capacity could exceed 70 GW by 2030.”